Refurbishing Fire Apparatus Extends Service Life

A new piece of fire apparatus or ambulance is a large investment; even the largest municipalities look for ways to extend the service life of their equipment. Our refurbishing services will help make your older fire truck look like new as well as update the decking, rearrange piping, and more.The cost is considerably less than purchasing a new piece of equipment and you won’t have to retrain crew as they’re already familiar with the way the apparatus is arranged.

Consider upgrading these items to make your old trucks function like new:

  • Equipment Boxes
  • Hose trays
  • Slide out drawers
  • Hose bed extensions
  • Lights and sirens
  • Booster tanks
  • Foam Systems

If custom fabrication or a new paint job is needed, our body shop/paint department is one of the largest in the Midwest and can handle the largest fire truck in your fleet. We also offer vinyl lettering services, applied in our shop. Contact Fire Service to discuss how we can assist you.